Soma Girls

Soma Girls (2009) explores the lives of girls growing up in a hostel in Kolkata, India. From ages 6 to 17, the film follows these intelligent, funny and high-energy girls as they overcome extraordinary circumstances to lead ordinary lives.

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NETA/PBS Broadcast in March 2012!

We are thrilled to announce that SOMA GIRLS will be receiving a PBS broadcast! The film is being distributed by NETA: National Educational Telecommunications Association. Showings will begin in March 2012 on selected stations nationwide, and the film will remain on the NETA broadcasting system until Feb 2015! So there might be many, many more chances to see it on TV!

As Nandini and I get more information about which stations/channels and times the film will be showing, we will add that here.

Many thanks for everyone’s support, and especially to CAMM: Center for Asian American Media for supporting our little film!

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